I see you.

It’s 2am and you’re awake, staring into the black, wondering if this is all there is.

How did you go from feeling determined to live life to the fullest to feeling completely disconnected from that past vibrant self?

I see you staring into the abyss. Feeling lost. Feeling like you’re missing something big.

You’ve been going through the motions, distracting yourself with busyness of everyday life, trying to ignore that gnawing sense that this life, this person you’re presenting to the world - it isn’t really you.

But in the quiet moments,

 in the middle of the night, 

You know that something needs to change if you’re ever going to feel happy, fulfilled and whole.

You’re not a bad person. You’re not selfish or ungrateful. 


Do you hear me? 


Nothing is wrong with you.


You just need to get back in touch with who you’re meant to be.

Hello dearheart. I’m Erica Carlson, and I help women like you to align your life around what truly fills you up, and reconnect with your highest self - so you can live your life with fierce joy and purpose.

"It was such a life changing experience and I loved having the opportunity to really dig deep within myself." - Emma

Trust me, you’re not doing anyone any favors by squishing yourself into a box that was never meant to fit you. Even though the box feels safe. 


Even though everyone else seems perfectly comfortable in the box.

I’m here to tell you how good it feels to finally lift yourself out and


Which isn’t to say it’s easy. Or not scary. Change is rarely easy and usually scary. 


It’s also worth it.


I know, because I’ve been exactly where you are.


For years, I searched for a magic wand that would make me feel that the life I’d worked so hard for, the one my parents were proud of, the one society encouraged, was right for me. 


I tried programs and online courses, worked with flashy teachers with beautiful Instagram photos - and they all left me feeling still disconnected, still stuck, and still unclear about what I really wanted, what I needed to change, and how to do it.


To reach the answers to those questions, I had to face my fears about what I’d find on the other side.


What if I looked deep into myself and didn’t like what I found?

What if I discovered that my life, my job, my partner didn’t fit anymore?

What if the ‘big change’ I needed was to leave?

How could I even begin to cope with the shame and guilt?


Through shadow work, ritual, radical self-acceptance and intentional creative practices, I faced those fears (and they were scary) and began to feel my real emotions (instead of numbing them with busyness, wine and online shopping). And that took away their power to dictate my life. And I found clarity, self-acceptance, and my path forward.


That’s when magic reentered my life. Magic, alignment, purpose, beauty, and fierce, irrepressible joy.


In our work together, we will:

  • Uncover your true values and find what caused you to wander off the path of your best life. 

  • Use shadow work, ritual, community, creativity and magic to heal those wounds, remove those mindset barriers, and re-write the stories keeping you boxed in.

  • Set intentions and practice spellwork so you can take back control and ground yourself in your power.

  • Hold space for you to unfold and unravel, so you can begin to discover who you are and rebuild your life around what you actually want in it. 

  • Plan action steps to get unstuck and align your behaviors with your desires.


And we will navigate the fears around what happens if and when you change. If you discover that your life doesn’t fit the best version of you. If your evolution demands big, scary moves. 


Listen, you wouldn’t be here if staying in the box were an option. But don’t worry, nobody will push you to blow up your life. This is about helping you find the answers and paths that are right for you.


"I hadn't realized how my past trauma influenced my values, and this works really opened up some doors that I didn't even know were stuck! I'm incredibly thankful for the opportunity, the safe space, and support to do that." - Rachel

I do this work because I know the absolute magic that’s possible on the other side.

I’ve let go of shame, hurt and other people’s expectations.

I fearlessly experience my emotions now, instead of numbing them, and they don’t erupt in depression, anxiety, or 2am insomnia anymore. It’s really nice to get a good night’s sleep again.

I’ve created intentional practices to feel grounded in my self, my purpose, and my place in the ‘something bigger’


And the best part is: My life feels fucking magical now.


You’re so ready to break free of that box - I can feel it.

Here are all the ways we can get you unstuck and back to being the strongest, truest version of yourself.

Quirky facts about me (in case you’re wondering):

  • I’m an artist at heart, with a love for creating oil paintings of realistic flowers. But if you ask me to draw a person, they’ll end up looking like Mr. Potato Head (portraits are hard y’all).

  • “Spellwork” was not a typo above - I’m unapologetically into it, and it’s amazing how effective a good ‘cord cutting’ spell can be in removing unwanted influences (and ex-boyfriends).

  • I groove to 70s classic rock and Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

  • I'll do most anything for my close-knit group of friends, including signing up for a couple of marathons despite not enjoying running (and omg yes, nipple chafing and lost toenails are a thing).


Certified Depth Coach

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JourneyCircles™ Facilitator: Trained through JourneyPath Institute

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